Surviving & Thriving through Crisis with Product and Technology

These are turbulent times. We have gone through the initial pain of moving teams to a virtual business, and customers now only able to interact via phone and internet. It means customers having to change the way they interact with businesses. It means companies need to be agile in providing a relevant offer now, and something post the immediate crisis. Life and customer expectations will change – so what do we do now to deal with that?

Join us for a peer round table of business leaders, technologists and product people to explore what needs to be done with product and technology to survive now and then thrive post the crisis. What we do know is things won’t be the same after this crisis.

Feel free to pitch in your issues and ideas:

  • What issues are you facing?
  • What actions have you put in place?
  • What can you share and learn from others?
  • What should each of us be doing in the next 4-12 weeks?

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