Scale-up Executives

Perfect When YOU…
  • are a scale up of over 30 people
  • need gravitas at board level for Product and Technology
  • may have tried to recruit in Product and/or Technology officier but not got the fit you needed
  • may be moving from established non-digital products and now need digital components
  • don’t have product and technology skills in house
  • want to focus on customers and not technology
  • want to build up a future CTO in your team but they are not ready yet


What do you get?

People to fill your board level Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer roles.

An initial set of workshops to link your financial goals with your product and technology goals, a rapid review of your product and technology maturity, and insight into which (if any) growth traps are the pressing ones for your business.

We provide a part-time Product Owner (PO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) executive level service that provides stakeholders and investors with assurance and evidence that your product vision and milestones are being hit.

How does it work?

PO and CTO helps you deliver the strategy, they are focused on defining and setting the goals of your business. This consulting process includes 1-2 days a month covering board meetings, preparation, and follow up, team coordination, and managing the product and technology development plans to actively engage and move a your business forward.