Scale-up Leaders

Perfect when you…
  • have a business of over 10 people
  • are likely to have a small team of developers
  • may have someone already called a ‘Business Analyst’, or ‘Technology lead’
  • you are not sure these people have the experience to get you through your next growth spurt
  • product launches might have been late, and technology quality is not there yet
    revenue goals aren’t being met
  • the product has been successful so far but you need a change in technology architecture for the next stage of growth
  • you are actively planning a large scale expansion (new locations, larger team, new services)
What do YOU get?

An initial project to define the scale up technology architecture, and product roadmap. A view of the new technology organisation structure, and skills required for growth. Review of the technology components and vendors required to deliver the architecture. A plan linked to the revenue model of the business.

We assign an expert technology manager and product manager that actively manages and supports business initiatives based upon defined top level strategy.

How does it work?

Product Manager and Technology Manager supports the strategy; however they are more focused on achieving the specifically defined goals than creating new goals. This consulting process includes 3-4 hours of calls per week to actively engage and move a project forward with your team.