Scale-up Officers

Perfect when you…
  • are a start-up of less than 10 people
  • need guidance to point your product and technology in the right direction
  • are working with technology vendors to build your product, and you need someone to keep them on point
  • don’t have product or technology skills in house
  • want to focus on customers and not technology
  • want to build up a future Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in your team but they are not ready yet


What do YOU get?

Scale-up Officers is a monthly service whereby we provide a fractional Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to help ensure your product roadmap is on track and to manage your vendors.

An initial set of workshops links your financial goals with your product and technology goals. A rapid review of your product and technology maturity, and insight into which growth traps are the pressing ones for your business to go after.


This consists of one 1-2 hour calls per week to establish your product roadmap, manage your technology vendor/suppliers, keep your product roadmap and your technology delivery on track, and make sure your customers get what they need.